Open Education Week


On Thursday 7th March, Gemma Tur (UIB) participated in a webinar on behalf of the OpenVM project to present the quality approach to our open Learning Hub, MOOC and OER. The webinar was included in the program by the EDEN Network on the occasion of the Open Education Week.

The webinar was moderated by Professor Poce, who is also leader of Output 6 in our project for the creation and development of the MOOC. The session was of a great success as all presentations were coherent and aligned with their arguments. There were three talks about the diverse approaches to the quality of OER and Open Practices in the context of Higher Education. Then, three concrete examples of quality in practice were presented, among which we introduced the OpenVM QAF.


The slides to support our participation are the following:


The participants list and their themes can be seen here. And the webinar can be seen here.