O6: Virtual Mobility OERs & MOOC

Paper O6-A1 describes the results of a literature review about Open Educational Resources (OERs) and how OERs are used and conceptualized in the frame of OpenVM Erasmus + Project. OERs are “digital learning resources offered online freely (without cost) and openly (without licensing barriers) to teachers, educators, students, and independent learners in order to be used, shared, combined, adapted, and expanded in teaching, learning and research”. OERs are interconnected with other concepts such as Open Source, Open Practices and Open Source. Some OERs repositories are described and then it will described the criteria followed by OpenVM Erasmus + Project for the quality assessment of OERs.

O6 - A1 - Virtual Mobility OERs


Paper O6-A2 describes which design principles we have been following for the MOOC design and delivery. The guidelines are inspired by previous experiences of VM and literature analysis and they can be useful to design future VM experiences.

O6 - A1 - Virtual Mobility MOOC