OpenVM at the EDENRW 2018

The OpenVM Erasmus+ project attended the EDEN Research Workshop in Barcelona on the 25th October. We contributed with two presentations of the work we are carrying out as a strategic partnership.

As for the work developed in Output 4, Prof. Dr. Buchem submitted a poster on the meaningful gamification strategy for both our Learning Hub and MOOC. The poster session was of great interest and participants were interested in many aspects of the work such as the concept, our research methodology and the suitable learning design for Open Virtual Mobility.

Gemma Tur on behalf of Ilona Buchem presenting her poster

Also, as an interrelated research based on the work carried in Output 1 and 7, we contributed with an analysis of the elements and strategies of the Learning Hub and MOOC regarding the model of the self-regulated learning cycle. Our first collection of data suggests interesting challenges for the alignment of the learning design with SRL aims. These are the slides we used for the presentation:

During the Workshop we could discuss about the role of SRL and it was agreed that the SRL model is suitable in terms of the instructional design whereas the self-directed learning model can be considered as the final aim to achieve.

We look forward to going further with these challenging lines of research presented at the EDEN Research Workshop 2018. Stay tunned as more work is being currently done …