Action Lab at the OEGlobal 2018 Conference

Action Lab at the OEGlobal 2018 Conference

On 24th of April in Delft (NL), Kamakshi Rajagopal and Olga Firssova from OUNL presented the first outcomes of the Group Concept Mapping (GCM) Study conducted as part of research in the openVM project, in an Action Lab at the OE Global 2018 Conference.

Group Concept Mapping is a methodology to help construct a geography of a topic or concept. In openVM, we are using this methodology to understand Virtual Mobility in the context of Open Education. The Action Lab was used as an Interpretation workshop to contextualize the initial results of the GCM.

We are now working on the outcomes of the workshop, which will be made available soon.

The presentation of the workshop is available here:

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