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O3: Competency Directory Manual and Guidelines to use

O3: Competency Directory Manual and Guidelines to use

O3-A1:  A Semantic Competency Directory: How to use

Milestone  document (issued  May 2020):

Aim: This guideline should serve as a step-by-step manual for interested parties to use the competency directory on their own. Two scenarios are possible: First, download, installation and setup of the Open Source release of the competency directory to provide own semantically cross-referenced competency definitions (of whatever competency framework). Second, use of the existing, maintained and running competency directory at with currently 33 entries of relevant competencies for virtual mobility as defined in the project Output 1.
In both scenarios the REST API can be used to directly reference the competency definitions from anywhere by unique URLs. As an example, the use with Open Badge Standard 2.0 (alignment field) is described.
For details about the semantic vocabulary used, the REST-API endpoints and the overall system structure refer to former documents, e.g. O3-A1.3 Competency directory – functional prototype

Download the full document (13 pages, PDF, 856kB) openVM_O3-A1_CompetencyDirectory__Guideline_Manual_CURRENT

Summary: The competency directory is an Open Source development published, maintained and run by the Open Virtual Mobility project. One instance is available at which provides a web interface to the 33 competency and skill definitions of the Open Virtual Mobility skills framework. This document describes the setup of own instances using the Open Source code, explains the functionality and usage of the web frontend including the benefits of the unique deep links to entries which can be used as referencing URLs to either see the website or fetch machine readable data in JSON-LD format about the competencies. Finally, the documents explains how these deep links can be used to reference corresponding competency definitions from Open Badges as the Open badge Standard provides so called AlignmentObjects to add this metadata. Overall, this documents provides several guidelines to setup and use the competency directory, especially in use with Open Badges.