On 24th of April in Delft (NL), Kamakshi Rajagopal and Olga Firssova from OUNL presented the first outcomes of the Group Concept Mapping (GCM) Study conducted as part of research in the openVM project, in an Action Lab at the OE Global 2018 Conferenc…Read More →

Despite numerous projects on Virtual Mobility there is no single European Learning Environment acting as a central hub for learning about Virtual Mobility and developing VM Skills in HE. This Output is dedicated to designing, implementing and usab…Read More →


Higher Education Institutions face high requirements and challenges in today’s global world, including internationalisation as a response to globalisation.

Virtual Mobility …Read More →

In a networked, global world, we need digital representations of skills based on transparent assessment criteria and verifiable evidence (Buchem, 2016). Open Badges are based on metadata, criteria and evidence. To award a badge to recognise VM Ski…Read More →