O4: E-Assessment Concept

O4: E-Assessment Concept

This paper is a public document produced as part of Outcome O4-A1 “e-assessment concept” and in the Open Virtual Mobility Erasmus+ strategic partnership (2012-2020) and aims to define the concept of e-assessment as applied in the OpenVM project.

This publication summarises the first two milestones:

Milestone 1: O4-A1.1: e-assessment concept

Milestone 1: O4-A1.2 Comparative study of different E-Assessment forms

Evaluation activities can be of different types (formative, diagnostic, summative …) and also take different forms (tests, online homework, self-evaluation by peers, evaluation based on evidence …)

These activities must be defined in accordance with the needs and constraints of the project. The purpose of this document is to define what to evaluate, how to evaluate it and what tools to use.

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O4.A2.3 E-Assessment Tool

The objective of this document is to justify the technical choices made for the VM skills self-assessment tool described in the e-assessment concept O4.A1.3 publication and to show with screenshots the interface of the tool as well as the display of the results.

The tool is a survey with a 4-point Likert scale.

openVM O4.A2.3 e-assessment tool final M1
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