Milestone 3: O1-A3.3 Final Report on Conceptual Guidelines version 1

We are happy to publish the Final Report on Conceptual Guidelines version 1, fulfilling milestone 3 of Output 1 Activity 3 Guidelines.

This paper presents the development of the OpenVM Design Guide based on an analysis of the design of a selection of VM cases and the OpenVM pilots following the Activity-Centred Analysis and Design (ACAD) Framework (Carvalho & Goodyear, 2018).

The aim of this report is to
A. Understand the design of Open Virtual Mobility activities.
B. Develop a Design Guide and formulate design guidelines

This paper addresses educators, students, international officers and higher education leaders as well as a wider academic audience interested in the value of Virtual Mobility for the development of learner skills and competences in context of international mobility in higher education in Europe and beyond.

Download the full document (41 pages) openVM_O1-A3_Final_Report_Conceptual_Guidelines