Output 7: Quality and Sustainability

Output 7: Quality and Sustainability

The OpenVM partnership has worked hard… and we have achieved our aims as planned!  We are glad to introduce the final drafts of the intellectual outcomes by Output 7, which has been developed jointly by EADTU and UIB teams. Milestone 1 is presented in three different document, one per each task:

O7-A1 Quality Assurance

✪1: O7-A1.1: Design of quality assurance standards

✪2 :O7-A1.2: Design of quality assurance process

✪3: O7-A1.3: Design of evaluations instruments and periodical progress reports

Milestone 3 is presented in one single document, including the whole process of work:

O7-A3 Sustainability

✪1: O7-A3.1: Definition of the sustainability strategy

✪2: O7-A3.2: Strategy validation and Green Paper

✪3: O7-A3.3: Final Sustainability Plan

The process of desing, development and implementation has been based on an interative cycle which ensures our product quality. We have teamed up and followed a process of co-creation as a result of the approach we assumed. And finally, we have monitored our own work to ensure the whole coherence of the product creation. The result is a sustainable product which we are proud to present and take care for the following next five years in the recently created SIG on VM.

Open Virtual Mobility has always been relevant for the improvement of students’ learning by extending opportunities of international collaboration through digital learning. However, now, more than ever, events do evidence that Higher Education institutions should position their programmes towards VM and bet for it. The OpenVM will keep working for the progressive uptake of VM in HE in the next 5 year. We are starting a new trip…

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