Presenting about the Open Virtual Mobility project during workshop The Online Education Experience at academic level in Romania. Challenges and future perspectives

The “It’s up to us” Association together with the Hanns Seidel Foundation – Romania and in collaboration with the Politehnica University of Timișoara, the Center for the Study of Democracy and the AD REM Association organized the workshop “Experience on online education at academic level in Romania. Future challenges and perspectives ”. The Politehnica University of Timișoara was represented by dr. Florin Drăgan – Rector of UPT and dr. Diana Andone – director of the e-Learning Centre, who spoke about the experience and challenges of developing an eco-system of digital education in UPT.

Dr. Diana Andone from UPT, in her presentation Building up the Digital Education Eco-System of UPT showcased the developments on the Open Virtual Mobility project , the OpenVM learning hub developed by the team of the e-Learning Centre, the open and free courses for virtual mobilities and the digital credentials using  Open Badge standard to recognise all eight OpenVM skills which you can develop in the Open Virtual Mobility Learning Hub by participating in the OpenVM MOOCs.

The debate took place online, on Zoom and was meant to encourage and strengthen the dialogue between the main actors interested in the education system and to facilitate the promotion of good practice models.

The presentation aroused high interest among the over 100 participants and was followed by a series of constructive and interesting questions and discussions in the chat area.