University of Roma TRE

The University of Roma Tre has been founded in 1992, being the youngest university in Rome, Italy, counting about 40.000 students. There are 12 departments offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degrees. The didactic offer is defined and implemented in strict relation with the needs of the work market which has more and more a european and international dimension. Roma Tre is fully committed to provide students with learning paths which can enable them to highly specialize professionally. At Roma Tre, the Centre for Museum Education (CDM) will take part in the OpenVM project activities. Created in 1994, the CDM is a research environment whose main aims are the following: to develop projects in the educational field; to carry out a rational activity in the development of procedures linked to the study of phenomena mainly occuring when, according to pre-defined hypotheses, independent variables are introduced to change certain contexts. The CDM is organised in different sections, each one devoted to the study of specific experimental hypotheses. Among the sections, an adequate sharing of information and database resources is carried out, even if each one is endowed with specific resources, consistent with the kind of research work performed.