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The Fractured Fairy Tale tool encourages students to create their own fractured fairy tales.
Music is a great context for teaching this skill because it’s a space in which people usually have strongly held opinions, reactions, and values.
In this course, students read German news, write resumes, and engage with other forms of authentic language materials.
An interesting experience for museum visitators through the use of Twitter.
This lesson helps children start thinking about what a portrait can show about race and racial stereotypes, and how portraitists might reinforce or fight against stereotypes throug...
Students work together to create classroom rules by brainstorming why they are at school and what they need while they are there.
Folk tales and fairy tales are of interest to and part of the language arts curriculum for young learners. This lesson supports the study of this genre and the study of irregular p...
Vous avez tous des clichés sur les différentes régions du Royaume-Uni, mêmes les britanniques en ont. Le chapitre "Géographie" de Rail and culture:chemin de fer et civilisatio...
Students use critical literacy skills to understand the concept of perspective and to then create a diary for an animal they research with a partner.

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